The Return of Ghostface: Courteney Cox Boards Scream 5 as Gale Weathers

photo courtesy Alexandra Jackson

It's been nine years since the last entry in the Scream franchise. And now, Spyglass and Paramount are bringing a fifth movie to cinemas (when they finally reopen). 

What's somehow being billed as a reboot will see at least two of the actors from the original movies return to the fold. With David Arquette already signed on to come back as Dewey, his co-star Courteney Cox has officially signed on the dotted line to make a comeback as self centered television news reporter Gale Weathers. The two played an on screen couple, who went on to get married in real life but were later divorced. Both will be back in the fifth iteration of Scream as the same characters. Strangely enough, Neve Campbell has not joined the cast yet, but it's expected to be announced shortly as she was the central focus of the first four films and it would be altogether strange for her to bow out as Sydney Prescott. 

Bringing in $608 million over the course of the franchise, the series is prime for some type of relaunch as nostalgia continues to be the name of the game in horror. The first film offered a meta look at the slasher genre as a whole and should be expected to continue to do so. There is no official date announced for the movie quite yet as the script is apparently still in development. 

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