The Sleeper Must Awaken: WB Confirms First Dune Trailer Will Release Online in September

For months fans of Dune have been reeling over the lack of a trailer for the upcoming release of the newest live action iteration of the classic science fiction story. Now at long last, Warner Bros. has officially stated that we can look for the first trailer to appear online sometime in September. Considering the amazing cast that Denis Villeneuve has put together for the movie, it's understood why the movie has our patience wearing thin. So far we've only been given little sneak peek looks at characters and some poster designs but nothing solid to give us a real look at the movie. It looks like our long wait is finally coming to a quick end. 

Warner Bros. has confirmed via that the first trailer for Villeneuve's Dune will debut online on September 9th at 9am PST. However, the trailer will also be appearing at the front end of Christopher Nolan's Tenet as it begins opening in various parts of the world. We cannot wait to see this one!!!