Toy News: Venompool Wave, Fighting Armor, and Madballs!

As there's been some reluctance from Hasbro's Marvel Legends line to put out characters beyond their main movie franchises, especially R-rated films and television, it's difficult to hold back the popularity of Deadpool and Venom. Currently, Marvel's Spider-Man: Maximum Venom toys are on shelves for a younger demographic, to coincide with its cartoon on Disney XD. Alas, this seems to be the first and maybe only Venom movie figure we're getting, as most of the rest of the cast was human and those tend to warm shelves. In this wave, we're not only getting that movie Venom with no emblem and white veins across his body, but a litany of comic characters we've been hoping for. Venomized Ghost-Spider(formerly Spider-Gwen), Venomized Miles Morales, Carnage(with alternate spiral forehead and classic look), Phage, Morbius(comic version), and the Build-A-Figure parts assemble the massive Venompool! That Midnight Sons era Morbius brings back those old crossover days, when they tried to capitalize on the popularity of Ghost Rider and friends.

Sticking with Marvel and going die-cast for those fans of figures with more weight and possible corrosion issues, manufacturer Sentinel is making some figures in its new Fighting Armor line. Gray prototypes were shown at the SEN-TI-DEN booth in MongKok, Hong Kong included Deadpool, Wolverine, Captain America, Iron Spider, and Ironman in new stylized armor. Now, some color images of Ironman have been released, showcasing the detail and metallic paint that will make this line stand out! Ironman looks to be releasing sometime in November 2020 at around $88 retail.

Lastly, for the gross-out crowd from the 80's, Madballs makes its return, now with bodies! Preorders are up now for the first wave on the Megalopolis website. Oculus Orbus, Horn Head, Splitting Headache, and Bruise Brother are $34.99 each or $139.99 for the whole wave. All the classic details are there, now with articulated bodies to make those orb-like heads express more versatility than their original counterparts.