Trailers: Alexandra Daddario Stars in Lost Girls & Love Hotels

Alexandra Daddario's career seems to be on the upswing. With numerous lead roles over the last couple years, the actor seems to be taking on a new set of challenging and dynamic roles. From her part in the first season of True Blood, to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D, to several horror roles, she's definitely making a name for herself in Hollywood. 

In her latest feature, she'll get lost in the corridors of Japan in a movie based on the novel by Catherine Hanrahan. The tale of love sees an American teacher in Japan fall for a Yakuza member as they venture through the underbelly of Japan's alleys, bars and love hotels. Once again, she proves that she's fearless in the parts she's picking as she never turns down a great part. Check out the trailer here at The Movie Sleuth.