Tron 3.0: Garth Davis Boards Sequel With Jared Leto Starring

The technological world of Tron has been up in the air for several years now. After Tron Legacy failed to do what Disney expected, the third movie was ultimately canned by the studio. An animated series followed and Tron seemed to dry up and die. Then a few weeks ago it was announced that Jared Leto had officially joined a new, updated sequel that would return to the grid and give fans of the series another entry in the decades old franchise. Today, more news broke and it looks like we finally have a director signed on to helm the movie. 

Art house director Garth Davis has boarded the project. Up until this point he's mainly tackled smaller films like 2018's Mary Magdalene and 2016's Lion. This will be his first tentpole feature for a major studio like Disney. Insiders say he aggressively campaigned for the directorial position on this latest iteration of Tron. His film, Lion received six Oscar nominations including best picture. 

We'll update as we find out more!!