A Solo Score: John Powell Announces Expanded Score Release for Solo: A Star Wars Story


Although the Solo movie starring Alden Ehrenreich as the galactic scoundrel didn't rack up a huge box office take, it seems to still have quite a bit of interest from the Star Wars fandom. The score from the movie is now getting a new release from the composer, John Powell. Today, via his Instagram he made the announcement that his music for the movie will get a brand new extended cut that will feature 2 hours of unedited and unused music from the movie. The music from Solo did feature some mild hints from the original score from John Williams but was mostly a new piece that was written by Powell. Walt Disney Records will be releasing his full length composition via digital release and streaming. 

The release is expected to drop sometime before the end of the year. Despite the movie being a minor failure at the worldwide box office, it continues to gain fans as it is truly a really fun Star Wars movie and Ron Howard did an excellent job recreating the George Lucas aesthetic and vibe.