COVID Impossible: Tom Cruise Returns to M:I 7 Set For Stunt Rehearsals


photo courtesy Paramount Pictures

These are strange times indeed. Despite ongoing concerns over the coronavirus pandemic, numerous films and television shows have headed back into production despite the risks. The latest film that has reportedly gone back to the set is the upcoming Mission:Impossible 7. Both sequels, 7 and 8 are reportedly shooting back to back with Christopher McQuarrie staying on board as director for both action movies. After the critical and box office successes of Mission:Impossible Fallout, the two follow ups were almost immediately announced. Where most sequels get worse and worse, these seem to get better with time as they continue to tweak and amplify the level of action scenes, which Cruise is usually heavily involved in. 

Today, The Daily Mail has published several photos confirming that the next M:I is underway with Cruise and the stunt performers rehearsing their scenes while fully masked. Mr. Cruise has made quite the reputation for himself by doing many of his own stunts as insurance companies have taken issue with his choices. But, never one to be shut down, Cruise is back on set, reportedly doing almost all of his own stunts once again. Being nearly 60 years old, it's quite amazing that he's been able to maintain the physical prowess to keep pushing the envelope. At one point during the filming of Fallout, he hurt himself, which shut down filming for several weeks while he got better. 

In the photos, Cruise and crew are seen getting prepped for some larger than life stunt work aboard a moving train. 

All photos copyright The Daily Mail/SplashNews