Crush Your Enemies: Netflix Developing Conan the Barbarian Series


Despite all Arnold Schwarzenegger's efforts to make a King Conan movie, no one has picked up the project and run with it. So now it looks like the streaming giant Netflix is officially working on developing the character as a full length episodic series. The classic Robert E. Howard sword and sorcery franchise has been picked up and will be turned into a show that will be based on the comics and literary works about the sword wielding character. Apparently, they've signed to work on Conan projects, both live action and animated, which opens up many new avenues for our favorite barbarian. 

At this time there is no show runner attached but it looks like Netflix wants to fast track the series as nothing has been done with it since the Jason Momoa vehicle in 2011. Arnold played the character in both Conan The Barbarian and Conan The Destroyer. A King Conan movie was often rumored for years but never came to fruition. 

The character was initially introduced in 1932 in fantasy stories by Howard and was later turned into a comic book series. We look forward to seeing how this one goes.