Danger, Will Robinson: Season 3 Of Lost In Space Begins Production

image courtesy Netflix

 It's been confirmed that the Netflix reboot of Lost in Space has officially started production on what will be its third and final season on the streaming giant. After a rough start in its first year, the show finally started to hit and even footing towards the middle part of the first season but then saw a long delay before the release of the second set of episodes. Now, the third and last season will actually see another long gap. With year two beginning in 2019, it looks like part three won't be hitting our screens until 2021 as its just gotten back to filming. As the Robinsons once again found themselves lost in the outer regions of space as they can't seem to find a safe route home. 

Yesterday saw an official announcement that the show has gotten back to the set and was in the process of readying the latest batch of episodes. They're said to be limiting the amount of cast members in each scene to follow social distancing guidelines while the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage on across the globe. As of right now, its rumored that the third season may not be released until Christmas 2021 which would follow suit with previous years. Still, it's sad to see another great science fiction series get cancelled long before its time.