Death Is Coming: Rambo Complete 4K Exclusive Steelbook Set Coming To Best Buy

Sylvester Stallone is never one to let a good franchise die. Even though Last Blood was touted as the final movie in the decades long First Blood franchise, it still seems that he may be good for one more go round as the bad ass Vietnam vet that just wants to find peace after he massacres dozens upon dozens of bad guys. With the original First Blood, audiences were given an inside look at PTSD and the hell that vets go through when returning home from the front lines of war. Over the course of four sequels, the character of Rambo became a super human slayer of villains that slid further into escapism and brutal, reality based vengeance flicks. Some were greater than others. And some didn't really pass muster. But no matter what we think of the films, they have an audience. 

Now, Best Buy has announced a limited edition Rambo set that will bring all 5 movies together into one steelbook package that features each film in their 4K restoration. The set from Lionsgate is set to hit on October 27th, 2020. Finally, something to look forward to in 2020!