He Who Controls The Spice, Controls The Collectibles: McFarlane Dune Action Figures Announced!

McFarlane Toys revealed images of the forthcoming first wave of figures from Dune, the latest film adaptation of Frank Herbert's series of novels. With highly detailed sculpts and likenesses, these 7” scale figures look well-painted and articulated, as can be expected from McFarlane Toys. 

Four individual figures were shown in a single photo picturing Stilgar, Paul Atreidis, Lady Jessica, and Duncan Idaho in their stillsuits. Several blades in the hands of the figures are the only hints at accessories currently. The next day they revealed Count Glossu 'The Beast' Rabban as the Build-A-Figure, with a blade and a whip pictured in his hands. All of these figures have solid resemblances to the actors portraying them and hopefully the final product bares that out. 

With such a massive cast of characters, as well as outfit designs, there's currently no hint at how long the line will go for, in terms of waves or possibly sets. Several more could be produced based on the cast alone but it's most likely going to depend on the interest and sales of this first wave. Since this film is in two parts, it could last several years.

These should all hit this fall, just before the December release of the highly anticipated film. No price point as of yet but they tend to average around $20 each.