On The Peacock: Fresh Prince Reboot Gets Two Season Order

In an unprecedented move, the NBC owned streaming service called The Peacock has solidified their upcoming Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reboot series for two seasons. Typically, most services wait to see how well a show does before giving it a multiple season order, but they feel confident enough to have given their reboot exactly that. Just a couple months ago the relaunch was announced with many wondering how they'd pull this one off. After all, the dynamic between Will and Carlton made for many of the comedic moments. No one really knows how they plan on starting this one all over again. And Will Smith's successful rap career was a definite launching pad for his multitude of talents including acting. 

The original show ran for six seasons from 1992-1996 and kept a pretty good rating the entire time. Eventually it led to Smith transitioning into a full time actor, although The Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff did release two hit albums during that time. 

It's said that the new series will focus on characters from the original show but will be played by a new set of actors. The episodes will move from the half hour length of the original to hour long shows. It's said to be a much more reality based project that will feature dramatic themes and elements but will still maintain some of the comedy. The streamer was so impressed by early work on the series that they've officially ordered two full seasons already.