Raised by Ratings: Ridley Scott's HBO Max Series Raised By Wolves Gets A Second Season Order


Science fiction is seeing a huge push in 2020. With Ridley Scott returning to one of his favorite genres, HBO has an official hit on their hands. Since the premiere of the original show just a few weeks ago, the series about a pair of droids, human endurance and religious warfare has doubled its audience. This is an amazing feat as many new genre shows or programs in general end up seeing a ratings dip after their first couple weeks. This is not the case with Raised By Wolves. Its viewership is growing with each new episode. Viewership doubled with the release of episode two. Considering its critical response has also been extremely positive, it looks like Scott's idea is paying of in spades as he finally gets to use his creative power to create a whole new science fiction masterpiece that's not just returning back to the Alien series.

Raised By Wolves premiered on HBO Max on September 3rd with a multiple episode release right off the bat. This first season is limited to just ten episodes, but HBO has now officially green lit the second season which will apparently drop some time in 2021 if all goes as planned.