Score The Snyder Cut: Wonder Woman and Superman Themes Get Renewed for Justice League

photo courtesy WB

When Zack Snyder left the production of Justice League, so did his musical counterpart Junkie XL. With the upcoming director's cut of Snyder's  film well underway and its streaming release imminent, Tom Holkenborg (Junkie XL) has shed some light on where the score is headed with the recut of the film. He says that the iconic themes for Superman and Wonder Woman will both get facelifts for the new version of Justice League that will hit HBO Max as a limited event series:

“Besides the Man of Steel theme for Superman and the theme for Wonder Woman, which I have given a new spin, all the other themes for this movie are brand new. Some of them I did the groundwork on four years ago, but as you grow as a composer, you look at what you did and maybe have a better way of doing it now or a better idea. It was inspiring. I would get an idea in my downtime and think, ‘Oh, let’s rework this thing. Let’s do that.’ Because I knew for a while that this was coming, I had the time and space to shape it into its best possible form.”

His score for the movie was completed long before Snyder left the project initially. But it was ultimately scrapped as Hans Zimmer took over all the musical duties for the cinematic release of the film. Now, it looks like he's finally getting to do what he wanted with the music for Justice League. We really look forward to seeing what happens and how the new cut of the film compares to the theatrical version.