The Bearing of Bruce Wayne: Pennyworth Season 2 Will Feature A Pregnant Martha Wayne

As we've all figured out by now, no stone will be left unturned in the expanded Batman mythology. With so many different shows working on the early years of the Batman story, fans will eventually know every single thing they need to know about each and every character. Perhaps it's been a bit too much at times. 

The Epix series called Pennyworth digs into the younger years of Alfred Pennyworth as he works as an agent against evil prior to the events of Bruce Wayne becoming the legendary Dark Knight. The series has actually built quite a following and has had decent ratings on the television outlet. With a season 2 continuing the adventures of a young Alfred, it's been announced that Martha Wayne will be pregnant with Bruce when she appears on the show. 

They haven't announced whether he'll actually be born during the next set of episodes, but we imagine they're setting up Alfred's eventual undertaking as the loyal butler and keeper of the Wayne estate. The romance between Thomas and Martha had only just begun in season one, but we expect it will continue to thrive when the next batch of episodes appears. 

Is it too much to ask that they don't show the murder of the Wayne parents again?