The Dead Set: IMDB TV To Introduce Walking Dead Streaming Channel

photo courtesy AMC

With the announcement that The Walking Dead would conclude its primary series with season 11 and an extended 24 episode final year, more news has been coming out of the popular franchise. It was also announced that the show would see three new series after the long running show comes to an end. Daryl and Carol will receive their own spin off that will continue the pair's story. And AMC will also be adding two anthology shows that will further expand the zombie apocalypse with chapter based stories. But now, the internet's biggest database for movies has brought to light their very own plans to assist The Walking Dead's full domination of all things zombie. 

Yesterday, IMDB announced that they will be curating their very own internet streaming channel dedicated to The Walking Dead. The new outlet will be called The Walking Dead Universe Experience and will feature full length episodes of the numerous shows and their spin-offs but will also be home to new original content including bonus footage, behind the scenes cuts, interviews and more. This is all part of a new partnership between AMC and IMDB that will also see six other new channels dedicated to shared content. 

This is a big move for both the cable giant and the internet goliath. It will be interesting to see how this works out for both.