The Evil Dead Rise: New Movie Will Switch To A City Setting

The much talked about upcoming Evil Dead sequel looks to change the formula when it goes into production. The new chapter in the ever growing saga of humans versus Deadites will move out of the cabin in the woods setting to a more urban city environment where the story will continue on.This looks to be a direct continuation of the original trilogy and won't directly connect to the critically divisive remake that had a female lead take over for Ash. This will definitely be a shift away from what fans have become accustomed to with the series as a whole. There has been no word of casting yet and we're not sure when filming will start on the horror project. 

It was announced several months back that Sam Raimi was working in sync with Bruce Campbell to develop a new chapter in the Evil Dead saga. For a change, they've decided to move away from the standardized trope of the cabin in the woods to a big city. We're not sure what this will do to the mood and tone of the latest film, but it will be a definite shift from what we've known so far. The original Evil Dead movies were a key player in establishing rustic cabins as a place where evil lurks. Going into a city might prove to be a great idea or it might end up transitioning to a typical zombie type movie.

Obviously we'll update as we hear more. But word is that the project is definitely moving forward at this point.