This Is The Way: The Mandalorian Season 2 Director List Revealed

It's only a few weeks away until The Mandalorian makes its season 2 appearance on Disney+. The first year of the show was a major hit for the new streaming service and fans are super pumped to see what happens during the second batch of episodes. During the original season we saw Mando pick up Baby Yoda as his precious cargo and do battle against many galactic baddies. We were also introduced to an amazing batch of characters that will join him on his continued journey throughout the second season. With a trailer released yesterday, Star Wars fans in general are eager to watch the next set of episodes. The trailer teased many more connecting dots to the classic trilogy as well as some of the expanded universe. There was much talk of the mysterious Jedi Knights, a look at some speeder bikes, and potential hints at seeing some of the worlds we know and love. 

Now, Disney has officially released the set of directors that will be helming the second season of shows. The list includes Jon Favreau himself, Bryce Dallas Howard, Dave Filoni, Rick Famuyima, Carl Weathers, Peyton Reed, and Robert Rodriguez. Obviously, several of them directed parts of season one. But it'll be really sweet to see where Favreau goes when he picks up some directorial duties this season.