Toy News: Tons of New DC Multiverse Figures From McFarlane

As the McFarlane Toys license with DC continues to sell through consistently, another new wave of figures is announced and a teaser for the return of a classic! The DC Multiverse line has spanned the spectrum of characters and variations from the comics, video games, and animated series. With this latest wave, we're getting two from the Arkham series of popular video games,two from DC Rebirth, a new Azrael, and one from the Teen Titans animated series! 

Batman from Arkham City gets a great rendition of his video game appearance along with specialized accessories and a batarang. Deathstroke, as he appeared in Arkham: Origins, gets his sword. Both look accurately detailed to the character models. Also in this wave, we're getting 2003 Teen Titans Cyborg! The Derrick J. Wyatt character design comes to life with some translucent blue plastic in all the right places and a swappable arm cannon with blast effect. Hopefully, this opens the door to complete the Teen Titans cast and maybe a few of their villains! Rounding out the line is an Azrael in Batman Armor from “Batman: Curse of the White Knight', and DC Rebirth versions of both The Joker and The Flash, the former coming with a revolver and crowbar, the latter with lightning effects parts. All figures are 7” scale with up to 22 points of articulation, a character card, and a single peg display base. These should be out in the fall of 2020.

Revealed in a video on their social media accounts, McFarlane's Gold Label Collection gave us a first look at an updated Mandarin Spawn. Arguably the most detailed and paint-heavy figure of the first era McFarlane Toys, the original Mandarin Spawn always catches the eye with its style and presence. In the video, Todd McFarlane himself gives a glimpse of the paint master and the gray plastic prototype, which shows off the articulation and weapon accessories. This new sculpt and design looks just as detailed as the original with some updates and changes to have it be worth the effort. Preoders go up on October 1st on Walmart's site, which hasn't been easy or consistent in the past, so fingers crossed you can snag one!