Unleash The Justice League: New Fan Art Teases The Snyder Cut

 justice league

Ever since Joss Whedon took control of the Justice League and released his terrible cut to the world, fans had been hoping that Zack Snyder would get a second chance at releasing his version to the world. Several months ago, news was announced that his Justice League would finally see the light of day and would be released to HBO Max as an event based movie. With confirmation and tons of news out of DC Fandome, comic book fans and general audiences are extremely excited to see what Snyder does with all the leftover footage from his original cut. Now the Instagram artist spdrmnkyxxiii has released their very own fan image that teases the project. In the poster, we see all the classic Justice League characters along with their nemesis, Steppenwolf. 

While most of the characters look nearly identical to the theatrical release, Superman has a change of costume. He's wearing the legendary black outfit after he's risen from the dead. Check out the poster here at The Movie Sleuth!