All The Alien Things: Former Blink 182 Member Tom DeLonge Directing Science Fiction Movie


It's a strange world we live in. With that said, it's been announced that former guitarist and singer from Blink 182, Tom DeLonge will be developing and directing his own science fiction film. The movie called Monsters of California will be based on his UFO experiences and his push to educate folks on the existence of aliens. After leaving the highly successful pop punk rock band, DeLonge went headfirst into his hobby of studying aliens and unidentified flying objects. Now, he's making his next step as a creator with his second film project. The first was a short film called Poet Anderson. It was an animated movie that won awards at the Toronto International Short Film Festival in 2014. 

DeLonge wrote the script with his friend Ian Miller. Both are currently working on adapting to a screenplay with hope to get full funding for the movie. DeLonge will also be scoring the movie. 

DeLonge has produced documentary shows on aliens for The History Channel and has been awarded for his tireless investigation into aliens and their existence. This is his next step.