Ginger Snaps Back: Teenage Werewolf Series Headed To TV


After several years of cult status, the teenage werewolf series Ginger Snaps is headed to television as a series. Sid Gentle Films and Copperheart Entertainment have teamed with co-creator and director of the first film, John Fawcett for a new adaptation of the franchise. Apparently the new telling will also follow the same basic premise and plot of the trilogy but will star new young ladies in the leading roles. There has been no announcement as to where they're looking to launch the new show but imagine it could fit in perfectly on a horror outlet like Shudder that regularly hosts original genre content. 

The story follows a pair of sisters, one of which has been turned to a werewolf after being attacked as she begins her first period. The tale follows the two sisters as they attempt to curb her new monstrous cravings for blood. Although it's been 20 years since the original film hit the circuit, it seems like this is one tale that could definitely use a reboot since it hasn't been done to death. 

The first Ginger Snaps starred American Mary and Hannibal star Katharine Isabelle and Emily Perkins as the set of sisters. We look forward to seeing where they go with this one.