Mission To Mars Cancelled: Netflix Pulls the Plug on Away


The last few months has seen Netflix cancel many of their series including the female wrestling show GLOW. Now, with only one season behind it the streaming service has officially cancelled the science fiction drama Away. The show starred Hilary Swank as the leader of a hampered mission to Mars that ran into problems at every turn. The ten episode season seemed to fair well with viewers and critics but didn't really drum up major interest across the board. This is also very typical for Netflix. They often times don't give their shows enough time to develop a large enough following before pulling the plug. 

In the instance of Away, the finale at least gave some type of conclusion to the first chapter of the story. Their arrival on Mars as the first ever humans on the planet did at least end the first season with some sense of closure for the mission. This is just another in a long line of series that Netflix has prematurely decided to end before its time. 

Away was initially inspired by an Esquire article by writer Chris Jones. His piece was translated to a long form television show that would be cancelled after ten episodes.