ReAction Goes For Classic Scares and Great Music!!

Super7 announced a bunch of ReAction figures coming to us in the first quarter of 2021! On top of an assortment of Music ReAction figures coming to us next year, they've delved into movie and television charaters from across the sci-fi and horror genre.

Starting off with their Monster Glow figures, they showed packaging and concept art for Alfred Hitchcock, Maria from Metropolis, and Toxie from Toxic Avenger! They also revealed the Grandpa, Herman, and Lily from The Munsters with their packaging and figure renditions. And to put the icing on the proverbial cake, they showed packaging art and the actual figure of 'Toad Chet' from Weird Science in all his monstrous glory!

In the Music ReAction line, we got Agnostic Front's Eliminator Glow in the Dark, Czarface Comic recolor, Greatful Dead's Bertha, King Diamond First Tour, King Diamond Top Hat Black Metal, Motorhead's Lemmy Modern Cowboy, and Rancid's Skeletim Charged W2. I think it's great how specific and detailed they make these figures in their own aesthetic.

These 5 PoA (points of articulation) figures have been wildly popular among collectors and fans alike for offering characters and personalities that haven't had many representations in the past. These should be up for pre-orders soon with an $18 price tag. These are great figures for a variety of specific tastes!