Resident Evil 4K: Movie Series Box Set Moves to November


No matter how you feel about the Resident Evil movies they definitely serve a purpose. The entire franchise is one long and winding road of exploding zombies, evil dobermans, and a never ending barrage of CGI infused action sequences that have very little to with the video games. The guilty pleasure series ran for six total films and gave Milla Jovovich something to do for several years as she continued as the central character throughout the entire franchise. A while back it was reported that the full chronology of zombie battling films would be hitting home video in a 4k set. Now the date has been officially moved to November 17th to fall in line much closer to the Black Friday shopping spree and the Christmas holiday.

The Resident Evil 4K Ultra HD Collection includes all the films but will also see the first domestic release of the extended cut Resident Evil:Apocalypse which was only seen in Germany. There is tons of new archival footage that will be included as well as a slew of extra bonus content and making of features. 

We'll surely be picking this one up come Christmas shopping time!