Return To Pandora: New Avatar 2 Set Photo Of Kate Winslet Filming Underwater Released


It's been a long time coming but James Cameron's Avatar 2 is truly getting ready to wrap. The awaited sequel that Cameron waited patiently to make is making headway towards an upcoming cinematic release if movie theaters ever fully open again. While they're working on post production, they've been slowly teasing and releasing varied photos from the set. Now, they've put out an image of Kate Winslet filming underwater doing motion capture work for the film. Currently, Avatar 2 is set for a December 2022 release date with several other sequels currently in the works. Although the original Avatar was one of the highest grossing science fiction films of all time, people still don't seem very interested in seeing a continuation more than a decade later. 

With the image, Winslet says she had to learn to free dive in her training for the movie. She says that she had to learn to hold her breath for over 7 minutes while prepping for the underwater scenes.