Second Times The Charm: Dexter Revival Wants To Be A Second Finale That Rights Wrongs


It's that time again where we finally have a piece of news that isn't about something getting delayed by the Covid-19 crisis. While everything else is slowly starting to reopen, studios are developing and looking into whatever they can make when things get back to normal again. Yep, these stories will keep happening as the world tries to return to normal. This time, we are learning more about the upcoming Dexter revival on Showtime. 

This week, we learned that Showtime has given the greenlight to a ten episode Dexter revival with Michael C. Hall and showrunner Clyde Phillips returning to revisit the character. While it was clear at the time Dexter was ending back in 2013 that Showtime wanted to do more, there really wasn't a way forward for them. Showtime execs believed that the only way they  would make another Dexter season is if the revival was a new and worthy take on character. Judging by this week's greenlight, Showtime must be happy with what Phillips pitched or saw the dollar signs around bringing back what was their most popular show. 

So the revival is confirmed, what the hell are they going to do now? After season eight's controversial and polarizing finale, fans are curious to see what they will do with Lumberjack Dexter. Rather than ignore or retcon it, Phillips apparently intends on using the finale as a jumping off point for what he describes as not a continuation, but a second finale that is starting from scratch. The writers plan to acknowledge the passage of time and use that as a part of the motivation for the series. In their eyes, this is a chance to end the series the right way. 

Where will the revival find Dexter? Who will return for the revival? Will we get to see some badass lumberjacking? Only time will tell as the revival is set to air in the fall of 2021. Let's hope second time is the charm and we don't get a repeat of the internet meltdown caused by the last finale.