Starfleet Fires First: Star Trek Discovery Renewed for Season 4

The head honchos at CBS All Access have given Star Trek Discovery a fourth season just a day after its third season premiere on the streaming outlet. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Alex Kurtzman and Michelle Paradise will return as show runners when the science fiction series continues its successful run as the latest in a long running line of Trek shows and movies. An announcement was made via Twitter earlier today that confirms the show will head back into production as early as November 2nd.

The latest series follows female officer Michael Burnham and the crew of the Discovery as they continue to find adventure in the far reaches of space. Early on, the show was bashed by Trekkies for being too action focused much like the JJ Abrams movies. But it seems to have found its audience as it continues to be a success for CBS and all those involved. Check out the announcement below.