Stay Focused On Your Dream: Alita Battle Angel Back in Theaters October 30th

While fans of the original film still hold out hope for a sequel, we're getting the next best thing. As movie theaters continue to open and have limited options to screen for entertainment starved audiences, 20th Century Studios has begun a major marketing push behind a re-release of the action science fiction film, Alita: Battle Angel. Based on the manga series, the film was a visual spectacle directed by Robert Rodriguez. Starring an amazing cast that featured Rosa Salazar, Christoph Waltz, Mahershala Ali, Jennifer Connelly and Keean Johnson, the movie brought the book to the screen with James Cameron aboard as a producer. 

Although the movie wasn't a huge financial success,it wasn't quite a disaster either leaving long time followers of the character hopeful that there might still be a chance that they'd give it a sequel. Hope hasn't been totally vanquished as the Alita Army has helped get a major social media push behind the film's re-release at the end of the month. Several of the biggest movie theater chains will have the film back on their screens beginning October 30th for a limited run. Perhaps if interest is high, we might end up seeing some forward momentum on a potential sequel. It really deserves it. 

If you're not quite comfortable returning to theaters yet, Cinemax subscribers can also catch the movie on their MaxGo app this month.