The Saw is Family: Texas Chainsaw To Return in 2021, Legendary Launches Website and Releases Poster


If one thing is for certain in this world it's that you can't keep a long running horror franchise down. Although we knew that Leatherface would be seeing a new iteration from Legendary Pictures, we had no clue how quick it would be coming. Today they released a brand new website, and have revealed a first poster for the upcoming movie that will bring Leatherface back to theaters. Director Fede Alvarez (Evil Dead, Don't Breathe) is at the helm for the newest feature film about the cannibalistic family and their chainsaw carrying leader. 

The new film is said to relaunch the Texas Chainsaw Massacre as a new series but is also reported to be connected to the original film in some way. We know they've tried this in the past and failed. Perhaps with Alvarez heading the project we might get something that closely resembles the origins of the TCM. The new movie will be hitting theaters some time in 2021.

By visiting the website you can enter your email address and receive a motion poster and join a list to receive tasty updates about the film.