There Isn't No Beast: Lionsgate Delays Science Fiction Lord of the Flies, Voyagers


As several states begin to lift restrictions despite the ongoing pandemic, studios are still attempting to shuffle their film schedules and upcoming projects. The last eight months have brought dozens of news stories about movies that have either been moved, delayed, or even fully cancelled. Massive big budget properties like Wonder Woman have been continuously vacated from release dates as no one can really get a bead on when this thing will end. Unfortunately for the major studios it might be well into a global vaccine before all theaters open and folks feel comfortable enough returning to the cinema. Most places have a forty percent cap on attendance and are still struggling to fill even that many seats. With all that said, it looks like Lionsgate has officially decided that their upcoming futuristic take on Lord of the Flies.

The movie which stars Colin Farrell, Tye Sheridan, Lily-Rose Depp, and numerous others has been side swiped one week into its production as Lionsgate has already said they're moving the film from its initial release to some time later in 2021. They have not announced an official updated date at this time. 

The movie is a modern update of the classic novel that will send 30 men and women into space. As their journey continues, things descend into madness as the teenage voyagers are split into warring factions aboard their spaceship.