Zombies and More Zombies: Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead Prequel To Begin Filming

photo courtesy Netflix

The zombie craze never seems to die. From The Walking Dead to several streaming zombie series to a consistent stream of movies every year, the genre isn't going anywhere any time soon. And that's quite alright with us. 

Now it seems that Zack Snyder's latest foray into the undead is getting a couple spin-offs long before the first movie premieres on Netflix in 2021. As his first full length project post-Justice League, Snyder moved into working on his latest action horror flick Army of the Dead. With Netflix fully behind the creator, they've given him total control over creating his very own universe centered on the newly minted franchise. Along with Army of the Dead he's working on an animated series that will focus on Dave Bautista's character and will also stream on Netflix. The show will serve as a prequel to the movie and will definitely feature voice acting by Bautista himself. 

While taking a quick break from editing his Snyder Cut of Justice League and putting finishing touches on Army of the Dead, he revealed that a prequel will begin filming in Germany and Prague this upcoming week. This second film will not be directed by Snyder but will instead be helmed by Matthias Schweighofer who will also be playing a central character in both movies. Snyder will be attached in a producer role. 

No real details have been released on the plot of the second movie yet but it's estimated that it will be a back story for Ludwig Dieter, the character played by Schweighofer in Army of the Dead. It's nice to see that Snyder is working towards his very own film universe that may give him some creative control and a team of others that share his vision.