'90s Style Batman and Spider-Man Swing Into Action From Mafex


There isn't much time to cover the Clone Saga from the pages of Spider-man in this article. At a glance, there were a couple clones of Spider-man and one took over for Peter Parker in the mid-nineties with an updated costume and a name for himself: Ben Reilly. Mafex has shown off the upcoming blonde clone from their Marvel Comics line with not only two extra heads (one unmasked, two with different mask designs), interchangeable hands, mask accessory, and web effects. Medicom's high articulation, great sculpt work, and paint applications are on point here. Ben looks like he jumped right off his first lencticular cover!

On the other side of the comic book world, Batman had passed the cape and cowl to Jean-Paul Valley, aka Azrael. Updating the Bat-suit to his own personal tastes and brutal fighting style, Azrael quickly distinguished himself in this era of Batman's continuity. There's no mistaking it's Valley in that suit and Mafex again has shown they can pull this look off. The figure comes with both masked and unmasked heads, grappling hook, interchangeable hands, and a wired fabric cape. Again, with the great detailing they put into their slavish sculpt and paint work, this figure looks amazing especially with the wired cape possibilities. 

You'll have to wait till September 2021 (fingers crossed) to get your hands on these 1/12 scale beauties. If you've got an affection for this mid-nineties comic book fun, these are right up your alley...or down your smoke stack...where ever your death scene takes place.