All Systems Go: Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Begins Production

Today marked another announcement for the universe of Star Trek: Discovery. The fourth season has officially begun production. They're working from fresh scripts that were developed during the pandemic. With season three just hitting a couple weeks ago, they're ramping up towards keeping the show on track with no delays. The fourth season will hit its official release date some time next year as long as all continues to go as planned. Although it was initially set before the events of the original Star Trek televised series, Discovery has jumped into the future 900 years. They're currently working on spin off shows based on Captain Pike. That new series, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds received the green light some time back. 

Michelle Paradise who is paired with Alex Kurtzman as showrunner has taken to Twitter to announce that the fourth season has taken off and begun production. She also stated that the writers and team have done a phenomenal job of managing social distancing while getting the next season prepped for launch.