Before First Blood: Stallone Says Rambo Should Only Return As A Streaming Prequel


Sly Stallone is never one to let a franchise die. For decades, he's continued spawning new sequels to both his Rambo and Rocky series and really didn't seem like he would stop any time soon. However, both Creed II and Rambo: Last Blood seemed to finally give some semblance of closure to both his long running characters. 

The last Creed sequel was a minor box office hit but the fifth Rambo only mustered up $91 million total in global ticket sales and was a critical dumpster fire. With an extremely short run time and a lackluster story, the movie seemed to close out the story of the former green beret turned vengeance machine but was still being discussed for another continuation. Stallone has finally shifted course and doesn't think another movie would be the best for the character. Instead he thinks that John Rambo should now make the jump to the smaller screen as a streaming series.

When asked about it via social media, Sly made it very clear that he doesn't think the movie world wants another Rambo movie but responded via MovieWeb with a short and succinct response:

"Only as a streaming prequel or not at all" he said. 

When the last movie was wrapping filming, he did seem to be tired of the character and posted several times to Instagram bidding farewell to Rambo.