Get Evil Again: Donal Logue Boards Resident Evil Film Relaunch


Actor Donal Logue is never one to shy away from a dynamic set of character choices. From his dark turn on Sons of Anarchy to Gotham to Terriers, the man consistently changes it up in interesting ways. Now, Logue has officially boarded the upcoming Resident Evil cinematic relaunch from director Johannes Roberts. He will be playing one of the central characters, Chief Irons as reported by Deadline this afternoon. Roberts looks to reignite the RE franchise with something they claim will be much closer to the video game series. We'll definitely be holding our breath waiting to see if they actually get it right this time. Even though the series that starred Milla Jovovich was a guilty pleasure, it strayed very far from anything that really resembled the game. 

The new Resident Evil will be a setup for a new series of movies that will take place in Raccoon City as the Umbrella Corporation unleashes a new evil on the world. Production on the new film is just getting underway and will supposedly hit theaters in 2021 as long as the pandemic starts to wind down.