Hawkeye Takes Aim: Marvel Series To Begin Filming in Brooklyn Next Week

photo courtesy Disney

 The pandemic has certainly taken its toll on new shows and movies going into production. Nearly every single project has been put on hold or delayed due to the ongoing coronavirus breakout. Initially set to begin filming in summer of 2020, the Marvel Universe spinoff about Hawkeye was pushed back several months. Now it's been verified that the show about Clint Barton will finally begin filming next week in Brooklyn. This will be one of several shows that have been spun off from the highly successful MCU. Jeremy Renner will obviously be returning to play the main character. There is no confirmed release date for the series quite yet as the entire Marvel Phase 4 has been shifted around the ongoing health crisis. It's been estimated that it probably won't hit Disney+ until 2022 now since it's getting such a late start. 

Verge editor Chris Welch discovered a sign which teased the filming of Anchor Point (the working title for Hawkeye) and posted it to social media yesterday. So, it looks like some momentum is finally happening for the show. We're obviously looking forward to getting more backstory for Hawkeye and love Jeremy Renner. This is just another positive to look ahead to in the coming couple years!