Hellboyhood: Young Hellboy Miniseries On The Way

Courtesy of Dark Horse Comics

It's that time again where we finally have a piece of news that isn't about something getting delayed by the Covid-19 crisis. While everything else is slowly starting to reopen, studios are developing and looking into whatever they can make when things get back to normal again. Yep, these stories will keep happening as the world tries to return to normal. This time, we are learning about a new Hellboy comic series!

The new series is called Young Hellboy: The Hidden Land. On their way to a dig site, Hellboy and his adoptive father, Professor Bruttenholm, find themselves stranded on a strange island inhabited by vampire queens, dinosaurs, and giant ape gods. The Hidden Land is the second full length adventure to focus on Hellboy as a child.

The series will be a four part mini series and has been written by Hellboy's creator Mike Mignola and Tom Sniegoski. The interiors will be done by Craig Rousseau and the covers will be done by Matt Smith. There is no date yet but Dark Horse is aiming for an early 2021 release so we will keep you updated.