NECA, Coheed and Cambria, Sci-fi, and Action Figures!

Image courtesy of Coheed and Cambria's site/NECA.

If you've got a story to tell, it may lead you to writing, making music, comics, and even your own action figures. Teaming up with NECA, Coheed and Cambria are releasing an exclusive two pack of the Kilgannon duo.

This is gonna take a summary to bring some up to speed. Coheed and Cambria is a progressive rock band where the majority of their studio albums are based on a science fiction story line referred to as The Amory Wars. Written in a series of comics by the bands' frontman Claudio Sanchez and published by Evil Ink, this science fiction world is incredibly deep and wild. This multimedia approach to the content helps to depict the events, settings, and characters described in the lyrics and themes of their music. The main protagonists are two characters named Coheed and Cambria Kilgannon.

This is an impressive work of fiction and material from the past two decades. Arguably a deep dive for for anyone just hearing about this. An action figure set may have been a long time coming but it looks like they're worth the wait. The two-pack comes in the 8 inch scale as posable figures, with fabric and sculpted outfits and detachable weapon accessories. The figures look great and authentic to the comics' art style, with action expressions on both characters faces. They also made a classic style commercial for this announcement. There should be more figures to come in this line as well, as Sanchez announced in an interview with Kerrang! recently. This is up for preorder on Coheed and Cambria's website for $80, releasing on December 18th.

- Stuart Christensen