Star Wars on Vinyl: Mondo Announces Solo Soundtrack

photo courtesy Disney

Solo: A Star Wars Story didn't prove to be a major box office success but it continues to drum up love from the fandom at large. Since its release, the movie seems to be getting more and more love. With so many still upset over the handling of the sequel trilogy, Solo and Rogue One are standouts. They both added to the lore without stepping on the toes of the existing material and gave us great back stories that definitely filled in many of the gaps between films. 

A couple months ago composer John Powell announced that his score would be released for our listening consumption. Now, Mondo has revealed that they'll be releasing the official music on a limited vinyl pressing that features new artwork from Cesar Moreno and will be on a 180-gram pressing. The early pre-order will go live on Mondo's website on December 2nd. Check out the art and details here at TMS.

Visit their official store to get your order in when it goes live!