The Glory of Love: Isabelle Fuhrman To Return in Orphan Prequel


Just when you thought it was safe to adopt again, it looks like Orphan is getting a second movie. And we're terrified. The first film was insanely good and featured some all around great performances from its entire cast. But actor Isabelle Fuhrman took the prize as the devilish hell spawn that terrorized her adoptive family. Well, she's coming back in a brand new flick that she'll co-star alongside Julia Styles. The film will be directed by William Brent Bell (The Boy, The Boy II, and Stay Alive). The new feature will take place before the events of the first movie and will be called Orphan: First Kill. Sure. You know where they're going with this. 

The first movie was out in 2009 and made an amazing $78 million globally against a small budget of only $12 million. We're shocked it took them this long to get a prequel off the ground. Over the years we've heard rumblings that fans wanted to see her return and now it looks like their wish is coming true. 

Apparently, they're already filming and using a "combination of forced perspective shooting and a world class makeup team" to recreate her character. We'll be over here holding out hope that this thing is as good as the first.