The Truth is More Difficult Than You Think: Wonder Woman 1984 Reportedly Going To HBO MAX Early


The latest Wonder Woman movie has been given a constant string of delays due to the coronavirus pandemic. It's been switched around numerous times now and doesn't seem like it's going to catch a break any time soon. After all the toys were released to stores early, they're already on the clearance shelves at all the major retailers because without a movie to back it up, major franchise toys generally don't seem to sell. But that's a whole different story. Wonder Woman 1984 looks to be changing its game plan again. Today, Screen Rant and several other reliable sources are stating that Warner Bros. is trying to change the release schedule for the film again. And it looks like it might still get a theatrical release that will be quickly followed by a streaming push on HBO MAX. 

Initially set for a summer 2020 cinematic jaunt, the film was pulled and moved to October, but was moved once again to a Christmas slot. As of now, Warner Bros. is still attempting to get it into theaters in time for the holidays. However, the major hurdle right now is the climbing number of COVID cases. Across the U.S. numbers are at the highest they've been. Bloomberg is reporting that WB wants to debut it on the HBO streaming service just weeks after it releases in theaters. Executives are said to make a decision this weekend. These reports also state that if they can't get it in to a fair amount of cinemas for the Christmas rush, it will ultimately get pushed again to Summer 2021.

Obviously, movies aren't the most important thing right now. We're sure that they'll make the right decision that will allow WW to be a continued success for the studio. We'll be awaiting word.