The World of King: Hulu Axes Castle Rock Series

photo courtesy Hulu

A couple years ago, Stephen King fans became enamored with the new anthology type horror show Castle Rock. The series used characters from King's years of stories in one long form television show that seemed to do well at the onset. Unfortunately, it's being reported tonight that Hulu has decided to pull the plug on their horror series. The first season focused on lawyer Henry Deaver when he returns to his hometown of Castle Rock. The second was about the famed Annie Wilkes, made popular by King's Misery. Sadly enough, the show was not a high priority for Hulu and they've decided to cut their losses before going into a third season, one that was never even formally announced.

The news broke via TVLine who says that Hulu hasn't released a real reason behind the cancellation but just revealed the news that it wouldn't be renewed for another year. With a great critical response and a fair amount of viewers, Hulu has been quick on the draw lately. They also axed their High Fidelity update and the original series Reprisal. Perhaps working through the pandemic is proving to be very hard task to get shows back in to production. 

The good thing is that the stories were self contained. So there were no real cliffhangers for fans to worry about or linger on. So long to another great television show! We're positive Stephen King fans will be disappointed.