This is Her Way: Rosario Dawson Studied Animated Ahsoka Heavily Prior to Filming

photo courtesy Disney/Lucasfilm

It seems there's always something making people angry in the Star Wars fandom. The latest is that some fans are upset that the live action version of Ahsoka Tano was not played by the animated voice actor Ashley Eckstein. 

However, Rosario Dawson did a phenomenal job as the newest character to hit The Mandalorian. For years fans have wanted to see the female Jedi make her way to the live action realm. And now they finally got it!! Under the careful direction of Dave Filoni, The Jedi was an amazing episode that hit all the right buttons. Now, Rosario says she used the animated character as her main influence when doing the show. Recently, she spoke with Vanity Fair and had this to say about being involved in The Mandalorian and how she prepped to play the iconic character. She says she studied Eckstein heavily prior to filming her parts for the series:

Ashley did a remarkable job. You’ve seen this character first come into our hearts and minds as a teenager and then evolve, and Ashley has been there the entire way. Seeing how her voice changed, how her energy changed, and to hear the maturity develop in her was just so powerful and so beautiful. I studied it like crazy and tried my best to honor that. And it was just incredible to be able to have such an in-depth performance to source.