This Is The Way: The Mandalorian - S02 E04 - The Siege - Reviewed


image courtesy Disney

Simply put, Star Wars has found a brand new life in the televised format. After three film sequels that seemed to split the fandom right down the middle, The Mandalorian has hit the reset switch for the series as a whole and has united a viewership that's a mix of new and old.

The show brings tons of nostalgia to the table as it continues to introduce us to new characters, planets, and adventures that really do capture the spirit that George Lucas initially had in his galaxy far, far away. Gone are repetitious story lines and plot points. The Mandalorian does what we've always wanted from the franchise. It reinvigorates our love for the Lucas vision, even when it's other people delivering on his initial creation. Disney+ has a certified hit on their hands that seems to be getting better week by week. With Carl Weathers helming this chapter, the battle scenes are ramped up and Din Djarin gets to use his skills to their full extent. 

The fourth episode of this season continues to cash in on our connection to the battle between good and evil as Jon Favreau and his team of creatives explore beyond the realm and limitations of the Skywalker Saga. The Mandalorian is exactly where Star Wars needs to be. It's not old hat but is instead an expansion that wisely uses fan service alongside great writing and storytelling. 

Episode four sees Mando and The Child reconnecting with Cara Dune and Greef Karga for another assault on a crumbling Empire. New mysteries are presented as they begin to solve the mystery of the force wielding green youngling. The writers also start to connect the dots between the original trilogy and the sequels by hinting at answers to questions we've all been asking since
The Force Awakens hit cinemas. Watch the episode and you'll know exactly where I'm headed with this. 

Picking up right after Bryce Dallas Howard's episode, The Siege is directed by series co-star Carl Weathers. Weathers is well known for numerous roles, but his part as Apollo Creed in the Rocky series is most likely where most viewers know him from. Continuing on Howard's karma from last week, Weathers proves his love for the universe with a chapter that directly correlates and connects to the classic trilogy. Numerous scenes are direct call backs as musical cues also play a much more important part this week. Notching up the action, episode four is a fever dream for old school fans of Star Wars. Everything here is strictly pitch perfect, even getting tons of comic relief thrown in for good measure. Weathers paired with Dave Filoni and Favreau seems to serve the show beyond anything we've seen to date. With years and years of knowledge as an actor and behind the camera, he just gets it. 

If you're not watching this show yet we have to ask you what's wrong. Why aren't you tuning in to the best thing Star Wars has offered since 1983? This is what you asked for when you were complaining about JJ Abrams and Rian Johnson all over social media. This is the way.