Victory!!!! Kevin Dillon Confirms Some Talk Of An Entourage Revival

photo courtesy HBO
It's been five years since we last saw the gang from Entourage. Despite fans loving the movie, it didn't really perform well at the box office. It basically played out like an extended episode of the show and gave us a look at the crew a couple years after the HBO series had ended. Since then it's been all quiet on the Entourage front other than star Adrian Grenier poking some fun at Jason Momoa's cinematic effort as Aquaman. Now, Kevin Dillon has teased that there have been some minor rumblings over an attempt to bring Entourage back in some form or another. Dillon says that talks have come up numerous times and that Doug Ellin is seriously considering finding a way to revisit the show. reported today that while interviewing Dillon for his new film Buddy Games, he commented that he's been "working on Doug for months and finally, he said the other day, 'I'll start thinking about a reboot or revival'". While that's nothing solid, we see no reason to not touch base with the cast again. After all, the series was about lifelong friendships. We'd imagine that the Entourage guys would still be hanging out, making movies and trouble to this very day. 

Doug Ellin stated at the time of the film release that he was ready to make "20 sequels". Obviously, low ticket sales and a poor critical reception put a damper on that. Still, we're here waiting.