Batman Beyond!: New McFarlane Toy Tease Revealed

image courtesy DC/WB

A risky pitch to continue the Batman Animated universe, set several years into the future, paid off with endearing a fandom to a new face under the cowl. Through a series of circumstances both engineered and accidental, a young Terry McGinnis takes up the mantle of the Bat and becomes Gotham's new protector. The animated series went on for 52 episodes as well as a direct-to-video movie, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker. DC Comics continues to keep McGinnis and his adventures as Batman in their line-up even without any supplemental media.

Occasionally Batman Beyond returns to the collectors realm with statues or figures but he's rarely gotten retail shelf space since the shows cancellation in 2001. Mattel and Mezco Toyz released their own versions a few years back, as well as incredibly screen accurate 3-pack with old Bruce Wayne and Ace in the DC Collectibles Animated line.

Now that McFarlane Toys has the license, they've been running on all cylinders with their Multiverse line and Terry is a welcome addition to this roster. The figure is only previewed in one image on their Facebook page but the articulation looks consistent with all of the previous figures in the line. No details yet on the preorder but it is scheduled for release in Spring 2021. Here's to hoping they expand on the Batman Beyond cast and bring out some villains of possibly a few allies from that series.