Galactic News: China Exclusive Star Wars Novel Announced

copyright Lucasfilm/Disney

It's well known by now that the last Star Wars movie releases did not do well at the Chinese box office and were literally considered theatrical bombs. Now, as Disney continues to dominate the entertainment world here in the U.S. with several new Star Wars and Marvel projects underway, it's been announced that the entertainment market in China is finally getting their own exclusive content in the galaxy far, far away. As we're getting new releases that expand the universe during The High Republic, they'll be getting their very own story that will track a young Jedi named Sean. The plot will take place during the twilight of the High Republic and will be roughly 50 years before the events of The Phantom Menace. With the Skywalker saga finally closed, Lucasfilm has made a hard turn away from that legacy and is truly starting to give us world building expansions that are developing new and interesting adventures with fresh characters. 

The story, The Vow of Silver Dawn will be written by the internet author known by the synonym His Majesty The King and will only be readied for release in China. There are no plans to adapt the novel to English at this time. It's said to be a coming of age tale about a young Jedi coming into his own. They're attempting to spark Chinese interest in Star Wars with this latest project.