Gear Up With These Collectibles From The Mandalorian!

image courtesy Disney/Lucasfilm

Prop replicas and cosplay have solidified their place in pop culture with collectors and enthusiasts seeking to recreate their favorite objects and costumes from across every fandom. Hasbro has been making a lot of these collectibles commonplace with helmets, blasters, and various items available in stores and online.

The latest slew of items comes from the popular show The Mandalorian. Boba Fett's helmet had been released previously in it's first appearance colors with wear and tear details keeping it true to The Empire Strikes Back debut. Now they've announced an updated version with a fresh coat of paint and all the same features from the previous release. The flip down range finder has flashing LED lights and an illuminated HUD. Clocking in at the same price of $119.99, sadly this isn't arriving soon as it's estimated to be released in the spring of 2022.

images courtesy Hasbro

Next up is the fabled Darksaber! A one of a kind item in the Star Wars mythos, this weapon has a long history across several series. Now Hasbro is bringing it to collectors under the Black Series Force FX Elite label. This Darksaber looks incredible with its detailed hilt and removable light-up blade. With the same features as previous Force FX sabers, the power up and power down sounds, the motion sensor-controlled idle hum, the clashing sound effects, and a white LED for the blade edge. It appears to come with a table top only display stand but lets hope there's a wall mount option as most collectors display them on their walls. Start saving up because this will arrive in Summer 2021 but it's MSRP is $249.99.

Earlier in December, Nerf announced a Amban Phase-Pulse Blaster! With great detailing and, of course, toy blaster safety coloring, this looks nigh-on perfect to the weapon from The Mandalorian. Coming in premium packaging, this blaster features a light up scope and sounds from the show. With a breach-loading chamber and priming handle, yes, this only fires one Nerf round with no clip option but that's accurate to the blaster in the show as well. Measuring over 50 inches in length, this is one of Nerf's longest blasters yet! Past licensed blasters from Overwatch lean more in this direction, with accuracy to the source material rather than functionality in a Nerf war. Also priced at $119.99, this should be arriving in the Fall of 2021.