Good For Health! Kaneda and Motorbike, Akira Collectible Re-Issues from Medicom and Tamashii Nations Revealed

photo courtesy WB

Rarely has imagery from an anime been more iconic than Kaneda and his motorbike from the 1988 cult classic Akira. Back in 2010, Medicom and Bandai released both a highly detailed 1/6 scale Kaneda action figure and separately, his custom futuristic cycle. These were slavishly accurate high-end collectibles for the time and their aftermarket prices have been on the rise ever since.

Now Medicom is re-issuing the figure and Tamashii Nations the motorbike, both under the title of PROJECT BM!. Medicom's Real Action Heroes line, or RAH for short, has covered massive amounts of fictional characters over the years bringing an intensely high standard to the 1/6 scale collectible community. From Kamen Rider to Daft Punk, the line goes...wait for it...Around The World. Now it's stuck in your head. This Shotaro Kaneda figure comes in his signature outfit in faux leather, removable goggles which changes the hair as well, multiple interchangeable hands, an ABS Laser Cannon with battery pack on a shoulder sling, and a figure stand. This is scheduled for release in June of 2021, priced at 24800 Yen with tax, or $239 USD.

The Soul of Popinica, a Tamashii Nations sub line focusing on vehicles, is re-issuing Kaneda's motorbike in 1/6 scale. With die-cast parts, removable panels, LED lights, working suspension, and engine audio with an output port for a higher quality sound, it has every feature you'd want at this scale. The engine and brake squealing audio is activated with the corresponding pedals on the bike. Able to seat the RAH Kaneda, it would be a eye-catching stand-out set for any display. Releasing in May of 2021, the bike is priced at 59400 Yen with tax, or $573 USD.

One could hope they re-issue the Project BM! Shima Tetsuo from 2010 but there's no news on it at this time.